Coming soon in 2019!

Coming soon in 2019!


Gonzalo Adolfo, an American of Bolivian descent, is the author of the short novels, No Rush for GoldGolden Rushes, and the volume of mixed poetry & prose, Gone to War.

Born and raised in the Midwestern United States, he made the move to Bolivia in 2004 to reconnect with his homeland where he settled in Cochabamba for two years to write his first book, No Rush for Gold, a story about a musician and a tribute to Madison, Wisconsin, and for a time targeted the expat community in South America to live off of book sales. In 2008, he traveled through Argentina where he settled in Buenos Aires for six months to write his second book, Golden Rushes, a romantic story about a wandering musician, and to work on translating both of these works into Spanish.

So impressed by a two-day train trip across the western United States, he moved to California in 2010 where he eventually settled in Berkeley, across the bay from San Francisco. His poetry from this period along with previous writings drawn from his travels are collected in the volume, Gone to War.

In the spring of 2019, he took off on a road trip in a red convertible from Illinois to Montana, visiting as many National Parks and Forests en route as possible. Later that spring, after a short visit to Paris to attend several poetry readings, he took the train down to Bayonne in the French Basque Country to walk across the north of Spain along the Camino del Norte route of the famed Camino de Santiago de Compostela network of long-distance pilgrim trails.

In addition to his written work, he has published several volumes of photographic portraits in black and white of places drawn from his travels. Cuchi Cuchi Time: a Portrait of Los Cabos is the most recent. Other volumes include portraits of Barcelona, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, New York, Chicago, Madrid, Washington DC & Bolivia. Portraits of California, London, the Loire Valley of France, & the cemeteries of Paris are forthcoming.

Between projects, he can be found sketching with graphite and other materials and dabbling in music. While primarily a guitarist and an occasional pianist, pairing the harmonica with the charango is his current favorite diversion.

He has been published in Somos en escrito, a California-based Latino literary journal, the Paris-based Bioptic Review, and the Midwest Writing Center’s Writer’s Block E-Magazine. He has been an active participant in Spoken Word Paris and Angora Poets and other local writer communities wherever his travels take him.

All of Gonzalo's work is available online in hardcover and ebook. Check out an excerpt here. He currently lives in Berkeley, California where he is putting the finishing touches on Give Me a Home, a mixed poetry & prose volume drawn from his experiences traveling through the Northern Mountain States.

Other forthcoming works include: I Walk the Earth, a mixed poetry & prose volume drawn from his experiences on the Camino de Santiago; Go Look Lost, a mixed poetry & prose volume drawn from his experiences in Argentina; and Home I’ll Never Be, a novel drawn from his experiences in Bolivia.


All artwork on this site was created by Gonzalo Adolfo except where noted.