Sing to the Dawn by Gonzalo Adolfo / charango & harmonica

soar and chirp in / pale blue sky, birds / sing to the dawn

Sunday 10 March 2019 in East Moline, Illinois

The Rain Pours On (from No Rush for Gold) by Gonzalo Adolfo

Filmed by Kevin Richard Schafer at the Rozz-Tox in Rock Island, Illinois

Wednesday 13 February 2019

A Melody of Late by Gonzalo Adolfo / piano

Sunday 27 January 2019 in East Moline, Illinois

When I Know by Gonzalo Adolfo / charango & harmonica

when I know that I'm up against my will to carry on / and I think that I've lost my way and those better days are gone

I remember the boy / careless as the wind / I remember he said / to give up ain't to live

when I think that I've had enough of what's come my way / and I know that I haven't got a wish for another day

December 2018 in Paris

I Could Be Your Lover by Gonzalo Adolfo / charango & harmonica

lovely lady, anguished heart of runaway desires

I'm not the one you're looking for but I could be your lover

inside your veil you wear so well / a spell of cryptic disorder

drink of the stream of fallen dreams / there's heaven in a hangover

December 2018 in Paris

Golden Rushes (excerpt) / “The Night and the Gathering” / voice & piano by Gonzalo Adolfo

Photograph by Philip Lawson / Recorded by David Klotz / Click on "CC" to follow along with the text

April 2011 in Berkeley